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medici bank

Redesigning all client-facing processes for online banking of the future.

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User Experience

User Interface

Product Design


Steve Williams Development
Ada Garcia 

Edwin Rodriguez Operations


Medici Bank


Oct '20 -

Feb '21


Medici Bank is a 100% digital bank revolutionizing the way banking is done. Their goal is maximum transparency and efficiency in the user experience of monetary transactions. My challenge was to redesign and streamline their on-boarding process, online banking system, and corporate website to reflect that mission without compromising security or compliance regulations that come with being a bank.

digital account on-boarding


Initially I went through the original on-boarding process before observing others go through it, noting the overall flow to identify pain points.

Medici User Flows (1).png

Streamlined Flow

Addressing the major pain points of time and lack of necessary information on hand, I created a user flow that would streamline the process and result in faster on-boarding and a reduction in potential customer drop-off.


I received feedback on my proposed user flow from the whole team to ensure it met their needs as well. After a few iterations, we landed on an optimized flow and I began to prototype the pages.

IMG_1717 2.heic

Low fidelity wireframe sketches to finalize proper flow and fields per page

DAO (3).png

High fidelity wireframes built in Whimsical, one of my favorite tools


Iterating on the feedback I received from the wireframes, I delivered my final prototypes in a clickable Figma to our lead developer. 

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Your Profile Section 5.png
Business Profile Section 4 No Upload.png

Some of the frames from the final on-boarding design


Streamlined user-flow

Mobile-friendly design

Prioritizes simplicity and directness

Scroll navigation between sections

This design has been in production since January 2021 and has onboarded 100% of the bank's clients. They are continuing to monitor and iterate the design based on customer experience.

online banking


I created a test account at Medici Bank in order to conduct a user experience audit of their online banking platform. I found that its major pain points revolved around convoluted information architecture so I began by redesigning the basic structure.


Annotations on the old version of the platform

OLB Info Architecture (1).png

Streamlined information architecture


Following the new structure for the banking platform, I developed the final designs in a clickable Figma for hand-off.

User Permissions - Admin Only.png
User Profile - Admin Only.png
Send Money.png

Some of the frames from the final online banking design


Streamlined navigation & pages

More branded and simple design

Currency conversion in "Send Money"

Pop up windows for extra information

Admin-only pages for user permissions

Since this design is still in development we will continue to test and iterate on the design based on customer experience.

web design


The goal for the website is to simply and effectively convey the products, mission, and technology of Medici Bank to customers and investors.

Corp Site Map.png

There are only 4 main pages, keeping navigation simple and direct.


High-fidelity wireframes for the 4 main site pages built in Whimsical.

Corp Site.png

Final designs for the 4 main site pages built in Figma.

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med desktop.png
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